Testimonials for Dr. Ankur Shah

Names of the patients have been hidden to protect their identity. Original feedback forms are available at the clinic for viewing.

Mr. VP

My wife BharatiUpadhyay aged 70,highly diabetic and operated for angiopasty for three blocks in heart had developed gall stones since last one and half year .

Our family doctor tried to cure her but in vain not only that we tried other remedies say using Homeopathy as well as Ayurvedic medicines but in vain. We,then at recommendation of our Daughter Dr.Neha M.D; met Dr. Ankur Shah who run highly Specialised Gall bladder, pancreas and liver clinic at Andheri.

We appreciate his patience in convincing us that removal of gallbladder will never cause a problem in leading normal life ; besides he was very frank and honest and explained all the risks and complications associated with this surgery

We got heraddmittedat Nanavati hospital under guidance of Dr.Ankur Shah wherein she was successfully operated by him for removal of her gallbladder. We are happy she is now completely cured now.

We appreciate his honesty, frank nature, sincerity ,professionalism and most importantly , his simple nature . We would recommend DrAnkur to all our friends and family.

We are indeed very much obliged to Dr.Ankur Shah

Mr. P

I would like to thank Dr. Ankur Shah from the bottom of my heart for the treatment and care he gave my mother and helped get her back on her feet with his encouragement and surgical skills.

My mother who is 80 years old and highly diabetic met with a bad accident with deep and huge wounds requiring 80 stiches. After spending 40 days admitted in fortis hospital, chandigardh - I contacted Dr Ankur Shah in Mumbau as I wanted to shift her here. I sent pictures of her wounds to him and he assured me that he would take care of her but we would need to be patient as wounds were severe.

After we reached Mumbai he reviewed her thoroughly and advised us to get admitted to Nanavati Hospital as he would need to clean her wounds.frequently in the Operation Theatre for proper healing (Debridement)

He was very frank and gave us both the pros and cons of the line of treatment. He planned to follow which prepared us mentally. His optismistic and friendly nature was an added bonus and a huge morale booster for my mother who has become very fond of him and felt safe and secure in his competent hands.

We would like to wish Dr. Ankur Shah and Dr. Jayshri Shah (whose advice and treatment too we have followed). All the best for their futue and greatly appreciate the efforts they are putting intoo treating their patients so competently and for their social endeavours.

Mr. MS

"I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and advice you have given us in last three years for my dad’s liver cirrhosis treatment”. You have deep knowledge and helpfulness nature; which has given a new life to my father. We really appreciate your support and perfect guidance through out my dad’s treatment.

Mr. NS

I met Dr Ankur Shah first after being detected with liver cancer. Secondaries from my previous colo-rectal cancer had developed in my liver. Other onco surgeons had advised RFA(radio frequency ablation), clearly telling us that surgery was not option. I knew that surgery could be the only cure for cancer and chemo and RFA were going to be primarily palliative treatments. My son, after lot of research of Liver Surgeons on the internet finalized Dr Ankur Shah.

We met Dr Ankur in March 2013 and he was surprised that we came without any reference. We were thoroughly impressed by his calm nature, his ethics and the way he kept himself updated about the latest research in the medical field.

He performed my liver resection in March, 2013. Post surgery, I had regular scans and check up's with Dr Ankur as per the protocol. Dr. Shah always goes by the protocol in the medical field which is so important to get a systematic treatment and post operative plan in place.

Unfortunately, during one such regular check up in Aug 2014, metastases was again traced in my liver. We were concerned because this would be the 4th surgery in the last 3 years. Dr. Ankur explained to me the way forward in absolutely clear terms which not only gave me hope but confidence to again choose surgery over RFA or Chemotherapy. I liked his candid admission that Doctor is not God. Plain admission, no exaggeration of his skills appealed me the most. His words still echo in my ears "God forbid, if the surgery becomes complex, I may abandon it but will not allow you to die in the operation theatre. I would rather like you to live with cancer for a few more years". These words gave me a great deal of confidence and I knew, I was in safe hands.

Dr Ankur performed the complex surgery in Aug 2014 and I made a quick recovery. During the surgery, he allowed my sister (a senior surgeon) to be present in OT. She had all praise for Dr Ankur Shah for the skills he exhibited during the Surgery. I think, her words have more value than my testimonial.

Dear Doctor, continue to be simple, calm and composed and be supportive to patients as you always are. In today's age when Doctors rarely give patients more than 5 minutes time in their cabin to discuss the details about the disease and the treatment plan, here is Dr Shah gives all the time to the patient to clear any doubts, discusses the details and with his calm demeanor helps relieve the stress.

May God give him a long life to drag patients from the jaws of death and be like a God, the savior to many patients like me.


Thank you Dr.Ankur Shah For all your Support keep up your youthful spirit and always be sucessful in your job of healing people All the Best .


I am really grratfull to you for healing my problem . i sincerely pray to you and your family .may god help you to reach your right destination that is to be one of top Surgeon of India as well as International Doctor.once again thank you.


Thanks for bringing back the smile on my face goodluck and best wishes always.


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