Testimonials for Dr. Jayshri Shah

Names of the patients have been hidden to protect their identity. Original feedback forms are available at the clinic for viewing.


Thank you very much for giving quality time to listen my wife Mrs Gita Pathak regarding her health problem. I think your explanation about her health problem was very much helpful to raise her confidence. She is feeling relief after hearing all about her health problems and recent test result interpretation. Since, it is not practical for us to travel frequently to Mumbai; I hope you wont mind if we write you email (only if follow-up test results are not normal) for your advise after six months. I would also like to acknowledge your office assistants for their excellent cooperation and good attitude!Hope all is well there.


Good Morning Dr. Jayshri... I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Arundeep, Mrs. Preet Kaur's daughter... She flew back to India last week and has got all her necessary tests done, and just day before yesterday, she was officially informed that She's Cancer Free... this was one of the biggest battles we fought in our life, and now that we go back to what I call "The New Normal" part of our lives, I would like to Thank you for all that you did for her, all your help, support and your encouraging words... They meant a lot... And I had made you a promise of informing you once she gets her results... thank you again... When I visit India next year, I would love to come visit you once... Doctors like you restore our faith in the medical industry...


I’m not sure if you remember me, but I came in to your clinic last month with my father, Melville Machado who is a patient of yours. I’m back in the US and things have finally settled down and I wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for taking the time to see us. It was not only a pleasure meeting you but also huge relief knowing that he has you as his doctor. Thank you for consistently taking the time to explain to both my parents the details of his disease and the reasoning behind all your recommendations. Your patience and caring manner is credit to the medical profession and source of great comfort to all of us. Hopefully, I’ll see you again sometime soon and it will be under better circumstances.


After Many Months of Waiting For a Test Result. No HCV RNA Detected .Thank You For Taking the time to see a patient from another Country abd for Medication to clear this virus Your actions have added many good Years to my life.All out of the goodness of your Heart.We can not Thank You enough.


It is my pleasure to write a few words about Dr. Jayshri Shah who has been treating me for last fifteen months. A short period as it may seem but a real crucial one for me. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C related Liver Cirrhosis and was given only a few months to live unless I go in for a Liver Transplant which I was not prepared for both mentally and physically.

Right in the first meeting what struck me was her poise and positivity. She was calm assuring and taken about my illness with clinical precision. This not only gave me clarity in thoughts but something to look forward to in life which hitherto I had totally given up. After my first session with her my confidence level was immensely boosted and that helped me a lot during the long haul of pre surgery preparations and later for the post surgery recovery.

Having taken over my case, she not only infused confidence in me but also in my wife and my brothers who handeled all the pre surgery logistics as per her instructions. Once past the first hurdle of successful surgery,she took charge of my post surgery recovery,medications and ultimately the Hepatitis C treatment which had to be started much earlier than expected.

She handled my post surgery ups and downs with precision thinking and timely medication which helped me recover very fast. She was always there whenever needed and treated me as a family member. She single handedly tackled all my post surgery complications with such skill and assurance that when it came to choosing between her and the hospital where I was operated upon, I had no hesitation to be with her.

The care and the affection that I have received from Dr. Jayshri cannot be described in words. In spite of being awfully busy,she never rushes through her appointments and gives a patient hearing to all. All her patients would echo the same feeling and that is a single quality according to me makes her standout from the others. She is a patient friendly which means a lot to any patient.

I feel blessed to have met Dr. Jayshri during the critical phase of my life and would use this platform to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Dr. Jayshri for all that you have done for me.


Dear Doctor Jayshri, Am writing this mail on behalf of my father in law, Jagdish Sheth. We would like to thank you for the care that you have taken during his recovery. Over the past few months your helpfulness and approachability has given us a lot of confidence and we have seen a visible difference in both his health and his approach towards his wellbeing. Thanks a lot for all your support.


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